The Importance of Business Broadband

With more and more services moving online your businesses internet connection needs to be up to the job of handling lots of usage. Having a good internet connection can have a massive impact on productivity and the image you portray to customers. These are the five reasons why business broadband is important for your business.

Business broadband packages are more reliable and faster because these customers are prioritised by the provider. Unlike a domestic line which allows many users, a business line has only a few users per line meaning your connection will not be affected in peak times slowing your digital ecosystem management.

2015-09-17 09_41_51-Eko _ Flickr - Photo Sharing!If you are part of a business package you will most likely get extra support 24 hours a day. Domestic users normally can only call help lines between certain hours but as a priority customer, business users can call whenever they need so their internet needs are always met.

Your business network can offer better security because of priority status again. Security of data and connection is incredibly important in the world today and more and more so as further services and information becomes available online.

A unique feature of business broadband is a static IP. A static I.P. allows you to host your own server, which can be good for big uploads and if clients need to connect to your server, host your own website or domain name server and you can remotely connect to other computers so colleagues and clients can connect to documents and applications no matter where they are. You can also use your static I.P. to create a more analytics page for your website as you can block the static I.P. so you don’t see any internal traffic on your website.

Being a VoIP provider we have lots of customers call to discuss issues with their telephone connection. As VoIP uses the internet to make and receive calls, as well as share files and visuals, it needs to have a strong connection and the available data to make those calls.