The Internet of Things Creates Opportunities in Mobile Network Inventory


A host of factors will soon see many major cities turning to managed services telecom to make life easier for their citizens, with a new report from BI Intelligence suggesting the Internet of Things (IoT) will be at the center of telecom managed services. Managed service providers (MSPs) have to pay attention to the IoT market as a whole, but spending some time focusing on mobile network inventory for municipalities may provide significant dividends over the short term.

BI Intelligence suggests the network configuration management use within cities is poised for major growth. According to the report, the number of connected devices installed in software defined networking will increase by more than 5 billion over the next four years. This equates to a $97 billion increase in spending on network resource management over that time.

man-335401_640Despite already being too large for their product management technology infrastructure, many major cities will continue to see a rapid growth in their populations and thus, an increase in their traffic and self organizing network usage. This reality is what will drive the need for IoT solutions to provide better, more reliable, telecom network inventory to the population. This includes completely new technological solutions as well as innovative and intelligent ways to connect the telecom network management system.

For MSPs, this report shines a spotlight on where IoT investments should be focused. With the number of devices the IoT will add, MSPs should already have a plan for managing telecom network planning and CRM telecom required to run these devices. However, with so many options out there, it can be difficult to know where to focus this investment.

Concerns about municipalities and their reception of early adoption are always valid, but the growing need for managed services should overtake their desire for a tried-and-true solution, since none will exist for at least a few years. This combination of accepting new solutions and wanting to spend money on modern IoT solutions will provide ample opportunity for lte rollout.