Top tips for telecom enterprise customer management

hand-851207_640The rise of smartphones and messaging apps has changed the way consumers communicate meaning mobile operators can no longer depend on receiving revenue from traditional services such as voice calls and text messages. As discussed in my last post, to tackle this issue, operators today are now keen to partner with over-the-top (OTT) brands. However, operator-OTT partnerships are still in their infancy and there are still three main challenges that operators need to overcome in order to make partnerships with OTTs a success.

The main telecom customer experience challenge for operators is understanding how they can implement partnerships and get them off the ground. One in three operators (32%) have no idea what a contractual agreement would look like in terms of margin split, staffing levels, setting KPIs and measuring the success of the partnership. Others are unsure how to deal with infrastructure complexities (26%) and overcome regulatory hurdles (23%). For a partnership to work, it’s vital to agree a collaborative business model that both OTTs and operators can embrace. However, understandably, both sides come from two different worlds in their thinking and approach. Employing the expertise of third parties who already have partnerships with OTTs and operators and understand the businesses of both are often well placed to help overcome these hurdles.

People today want low-cost, international communication options combined with the interactivity and functionality found in OTT apps. With consumer expectation and demand rapidly evolving, mobile operators will have to quickly align their legacy business models and processes in order to stay relevant with their telecom enterprise customer management. Working with OTT partners and figuring out how best to integrate their offerings to deliver a seamless experience to their mutual customers is a necessary step. Including data access as part of a customer’s standard bundle is one way to make it simpler for customers. Overall, the real challenge for operators is to become agile enough to exploit the emerging opportunities available to them.